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From the University of Gloucestershire

Russell Haines talks about the Faith exhibition in Gloucester Cathedral

I popped over to Gloucester Cathedral recently, and interviewed Russell Haines about his Faith exhibition. The exhibition has attracted a certain amount of controversy, but I wanted to ask Russell more about his intentions when embarking on the work. There is a nasty echo on the sound (old, church cloisters are [I assert] to blame), but it is still audible:

Interview by Dave Webster

Are young people interested in ‘Big Questions’ – Dr Peter Vardy

While on tour with Candle Conferences, I asked Dr Peter Vardy whether he thought that young people were still interested in the issues raised by philosophy and religious studies, or whether they only cared about selfies…

Asking Dr Peter Vardy: Why study philosophy/religious studies?

I’ve been lucky enough to spend a few days travelling around the UK with Candle Conferences, where I have been talking about the Problem of Evil, and Dr Peter Vardy has talked about arguments for God, religious experience, and more. We have also been debating issues around euthanasia with the audiences, full of engaged and interested young people.

At one of these, I took a few minutes to ask Peter: why, in the competitive, employability driven world of education, should someone consider studying philosophy, ethics, or religious studies?

Atheism Reclaimed? Interviewing Dr Patrick O’Connor

While on some recent travels, I managed to grab a few words with Dr Patrick O’Connor about his book Atheism Reclaimed.

atheismreclaimedIn the short interview, I ask Patrick who, or what, he hopes to reclaim atheism from, and we also discuss what his form of atheism might actually consist of. You can also read a piece by Patrick, exploring these ideas in more detail at The Conversation.The article is entitled Atheism must be about more than just not believing in God.

Interview by Dr David Webster.

Are the arguments for God’s existence of any value? Dr Peter Vardy responds..

While on tour with Candle Conferences, I asked Dr Peter Vardy whether he thought the arguments for the existence of God,as often studied on the A-level syllabi, were worth bothering with:

Star Wars, and the Jedi religion.

I visited the  Faraday Institute for Science and Religion in Cambridge and asked Dr Beth Singler about the Jedi religion, mostly in the UK. Are there really Jedi roaming the streets of England?

Dr Kate Tomas on the Church and Female Mystics

I recently spent some time in Oxford, and had the chance to chat with Dr Kate Tomas. We had spoken before, about her research, but this was an opportunity to see where her, now completed, doctoral research had taken her. She was looking particularly at the way the Catholic Church tends to treat female mystics…

Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, Religion, and more..

I dropped in to the  Faraday Institute for Science and Religion in Cambridge recently, and caught up with Dr Beth Singler. We talked about AI, and how it relates to ethics, and the current conversations that people are having about it. We also touched on transhumanism, religion, and more..

The Theological Problem of Evil: part four…

In this episode, we look at Justice, Salvation, some analysis/evaluation, other possible approaches, and conclude our conversations with a return to the problem as presented by David Hume..

Staff from the University of Gloucestershire, considering the theological problem of evil.

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