Existentialism & Romantic Love: An Interview with Dr Skye Cleary.

exrlOur video-interviews are normally quite short, but I took the opportunity of chatting (via Skype) to Skye Cleary in New York, to have an extended conversation with her about the ideas in her book Existentialism and Romantic Love.

Skye talks about the key thinkers she makes use of in the book, and about traditional romantic ideas of your ‘soulmate’, and ends with 5 Tips for those thinking about romance.

You can also follow Skye on Twitter at @Skye_Cleary, and of course, I am at @davidwebster


You can also hear Dr Cleary, and two other philosophers, in conversation about romantic love on Australia’s ABC Radio Network Show The Philosopher’s Zone HERE.

Soka Gakkai as a form of Buddhism

In this interview, I talk to Robert Harrap, General Director of SGI-UK, and we discuss the nature of Soka Gakkai as a form of Buddhism. We touch on the way n which SGI is distinctive, and also its points of commonality with other forms of Buddhism.

You can see more about how SGI seeks to embody Nichiren Buddhism at http://www.sgi-uk.org/Buddhism

The Religion, Philosophy & Ethics course at the University of Gloucestershire offers the chance to study philosophy, and a range of religious traditions. You can see the course map HERE.