Peter Tatchell: Organised Religion and Human Rights.

This is the video of a lecture by Peter Tatchell entitled: ‘Organised Religion: The greatest global threat to human rights?’

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PTposterJuly15The Peter Tatchell Foundation has its website at: 

This event was jointly organised by Gloucestershire Humanists, Swindon Humanists, Gloucestershire Philosophical Society, and The School of Humanities (at the University of Gloucestershire).

It took place at the FCH Campus of the University, in Cheltenham, on July 16th, 2015.

Sport as form of moral education. Can Sport make us Good?

In this video, Dr David Webster asks Dr Emily Ryall whether sport can feature in our moral education – whether it contributes to character formation. In short – can sport make us good?

This video really just acts as a starting point – and there are some very complex and substantial issues to explore in Sports ethics. A good place to read up on these – with lots of topical material – is the ‘Sports Ethicist’ blog which you can find at

Dr Ryall teaches at the Oxstalls campus of the University of Gloucestershire, and is Senior Lecturer in the Philosophy of Sport.

You can find her blog at – and you can find her on twitter as @emilyryall (Dave is also on there as @davidwebster)

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Mega-Events, Sport, The Football World Cup, The Olympics and ethics…

In this video Dr Dave Webster interviews Dr Malcolm MacLean about Mega-Events, Sport, the Football World Cup, the Olympics and ethics…  We talk about  the utilitarian decision-making process, the Play Fair organisation, the Qatar World Cup, Brazil, allotments in London and much more:

Play Fair describe themselves at

Play Fair is a global campaign coordinated by international trade union federations and NGOs; namely the International Trades Union Federation (ITUC), the International Textile, Garment and Leather Workers’ Federation (ITGLWF), the Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) and the Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC). The campaign calls on those who organize and profit from sports events to take specific steps to ensure that workers making sporting goods and building venues are not exploited, and that international labour standards are respected in the workplace as well as in the stadium.

Professor Gordon McConville – the Old Testament

Professor McConville, who part of the Theology & Religious Studies staff here at Gloucestershire, and Professor of Old Testament Theology, talks about why the Old Testament deserves our attention – and explores the notion of human flourishing:

In the course of the conversation we touch on ethics, theology, spirituality, aesthetics, and going to the pub…


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