Squeezing into Uncomfortable Spaces: Scholarly Objectivity and Strong Opinions.

No video, but some of the things I said at CESNUR13 Conference..


Below is a version of the paper I gave at CESNUR13. Clearly I will have said more in person: digressed, embellished and clarified, no doubt. But though it may be of some interest…

Isn’t the University emblematic of free speech? It is where we say what can’t be uttered in commercial contexts, or in faith contexts where certain claims are sacrosanct. Shouldn’t the University be where we blaspheme?

For this paper, you’ll have to forgive me the self-indulgence of speaking about my experience and myself. It’s a subjective-experience-based paper, and that seems to require a faintly autobiographical introduction. I outlined the paper to colleague who said: “So it’s all about you then? Why don’t you go and do some proper scholarly work instead?” Charming. But actually I want to begin with some

personal accounts that I think lead to general considerations that impact on the way religions are studied…

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Kalmykia and Post-Soviet Religion

“New Cosmic Religion” and the Ancient Cult of the White Old Man Interpreted Anew: Communities of Ritual Healers in Post-Soviet Kalmykia

Valeriya GAZIZOVA (University of Oslo)

In this short video Valeriya talks about just one of the many forms of religion in post-Soviet Kalmykia..

From Goddess to Cyborg..

I ask Venetia Robertson about her work, and we end up talking about Pagans and transhumanism:

Venetia is a PhD Candidate at the University of Sydney. Recorded at CESNUR 2013 in Falun. At http://sydney.academia.edu/VenetiaRobertson you can see some of her work on My Little Pony, Therianthropy, Techno-Witchcraft and more..

Staff from the Religion, Philosophy & Ethics course at University of Gloucestershire talking about Philosophy of Religion..

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Hymns and Jehovah’s Witnesses

The Watch Tower’s Changing Hymnody: How Music Reflects Change among Jehovah’s Witnesses

George D. CHRYSSIDES (University of Birmingham)

I ask Dr Chryssides about his paper, and we talk about how a seemingly small detail reveals so much about a tradition: