What is the ‘969 Movement’?

An interview by Dr Dave Webster of Dr Paul Fuller, about the 969 Movement in Burma. 

Although thr 969 is led by Buddhist monks, their Anti-Islamic and Nationalist attitudes don’t represent all Burmese Buddhism. Dr Fuller explored this in a recent post on his blog HERE.

The 969 image..
The 969 image..

Wirathu on Time Magazine Cover
Wirathu on Time Magazine Cover

If you want to see the words of the monk Wirathu: there is an English translation with the speech below:

There is also a good piece at the Buddhist Peace Fellowship site about Wirathu and the 969 : HERE

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‘Militant’ Buddhism

In this video, Dr Dave Webster talks to Justin Whitaker – author of the influential American Buddhist Perspective blog and Dr Paul Fuller, who blogs about Buddhism, about more ‘militant’ forms of Buddhism – and Western responses: 

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Interfaith Marriage Laws in Burma

An interview with Dr Paul Fuller about proposed Interfaith Marriage Laws in Burma, preventing marriages between Buddhist women and Muslim men, unless the men convert to Buddhism:

Dr Fuller gives the background to this issue on his blog: http://drpaulfuller.wordpress.com/2014/05/16/on-buddhist-monks-proposing-interfaith-marriage-laws/

There is another interesting perspective from that of Women’s Rights groups here: http://womennewsnetwork.net/2014/05/07/myanmar-womens-rights-groups-oppose-interfaith-marriage-act/