What is the ‘Shadow Academy’?

Dr David Webster from the Religion, Philosophy & Ethics team at the University of Gloucestershire in conversation with Dr Ben Trubody about the idea of the Shadow Academy – the dark side of the academic world…

Discover the RPE course : http://r-p-e.blogspot.co.uk/p/about-rpe-course.html 


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  1. I am glad that you are looking at some of the problems of academia. I have been working in new music theory since the 1980s and have yet to arouse any interest in my work from the academic community. I am not an academic but (for example) I can name and notate over 10 million polyrhythms, and I have created a system which covers all of the possibilities of equally tempered scales. I have had hundreds of attempts to communicate my findings ignored, not because my work is not valid, but presumably because it is not in the interests of academics to look outside of the box.

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