Questions about the Soul

What is the Soul? Dr David Webster and Dr Roy Jackson explore a range of questions..

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  1. You said an ant wouldn’t be able to live in a human’s body because of it’s mental capacity but you also said souls are not conscious of their past lives, therefore the ant would surely be able to survive as a human because it doesn’t remember it’s previous life and has not known any different. Please Expand.

    1. OK…

      I think there are two ideas here:mind-transference (where we would not be ‘us’ in a mouse body, et – different brain, etc) and then rebirth and the soul..

      Many traditions don’t have the mind (my awareness, memories, etc) move on – what is reborn is something seperate from these passing, temporary aspects of us – look at the atman in Hinduism. In Buddhism, there isn’t a ‘thing’ that gets reborn – just a process of continuity..

    1. Well -there’s a question..

      That this is a link seems clear – but just what is it? Some argue the brain and mind are the same – see – but many are unsure. The mind-body issue sits at the heart of Philosophy of Mind..

      The soul? As we may have said in the video – many would link it with the mind: but just how would depend on what they actually mean by this word ‘soul’…

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