Life After Death questions…

In this short video Dr Jackson and Dr Webster talk about Life-after-Death, NDEs, and salvation:

In case you’re interested – there is more info about our Religion, Philosophy & Ethics course at – enjoy

Staff from the Religion, Philosophy & Ethics course at University of Gloucestershire talking about Philosophy of Religion..

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  1. Hello, im a student from Finham Park School, we all found your replies to our questions extremley useful however we have got another question for you…’Is reincarnation infinate or does it have an end e,g heaven?’

    1. good question. fuller reply later (currently on the wifi on a bus to Gloucester): but Buddhist view is hat rebirth keeps on – unless we achieve Nirvana… even heavenly rebirths end, in Buddhism..

      For Hindus – it will carry on UNLESS we achieve moksa/liberation: but some Hindus also believe in a permanent heaven..

      more later: bus a bit bumpy!

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