Facebook Group for those interested in Philosophy, Religious Studies, Ethics and all that..

The stream of Philosophy, Religious Studies, Ethics, etc videos will resume shortly – but just a quick post to say that we have a Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/RPEglos/

The description says

This group for ex-students, graduates, current students, potential students, staff and anyone else interested in the Religion, Philosophy & Ethics (RPE) course here at the University of Gloucestershire…

In practice a whole range of people use it to discuss these topics – and many of our ex-students are also now teachers (and in the group), but we have people of all ages and from around the world – so it is open to all! As you can see – we even get students and others who use it to pose questions..

Philosophical Sports Films

From the blog of our esteemed colleague Dr Emily Ryall – a number of you might find this useful..

Philosophical thought...

As part of my contribution to Cesar Torres’ ‘Companion to the Philosophy of Sport’ (due out next year) I wanted to include a list of films that covered philosophical issues in sport. I use a few for a module I teach called ‘Sport, Meaning and Value’ as films and documentaries provide a real wealth of resource for discussion. I quickly discovered that there were far too many to include in a book chapter so decided to collate a list of as many as I could find, put it online, and provide an electronic link to the list.

So here’s the list: Sports films relating to philosophical issues

Many thanks to all my friends and colleagues that have provided suggestions to this list, particularly to members of the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport, and the British Philosophy of Sport Association.

Some of the films I would not…

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