The Trolley Car Dilemma

A version of the ethical dilemma about a runaway tram / trolley car.

What would YOU do?

[I also received another topic via email from a teacher this week – about Philosophy of Religion – I’ll be videoing my colleague Roy Jackson about this soon]



  1. You have to remember it is approximately 100x more likely that, if anyone in that situation has the so-called ‘cure for cancer’, they will be in the way of the tram. After all, if someone makes a breakthrough such as the cure for this, they have probably told someone else, or worked on the cure in a team. Because of this, they will have taken the tram as this allows them to travel to various parts of San Francisco much more efficiently than by sitting on a tram-track or whatever it’s called. This is based entirely around chance, sure, but why not roll the dice if you want to take your move?

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